A rose in a potato

A rose in a potato

We all like flowers. They are delicate, have amazing colours and when they flourish it is a beautiful sight.

Personally, I’d rather receive a plant than a bouquet of flowers. I want to see something grow and not cut off.
(Sorry, bouquet-fans!) So, what if you get a flower and you want to turn in it into a regrowing plant again?

On the internet you see a lot of stories about putting a rose in a potato, turning it into a bush.
But how does it work precisely? We have a few tips from the experts on Gardening Know How to help us out a bit.

– “To me there are some steps that one must take to have the best chance of being successful at getting a rose cutting to take root, especially in a potato. We want to take our cutting from a mature rose cane, one that has flowered/produced a bloom or blooms.”
– “Prepare what will be the rooting end of the cane by trimming off about ½ inch when you are ready to get going with the process.”
– “Place the cutting immediately into the rooting medium of choice – in this case, a potato.”
(Great tip: “Choose potatoes with higher moisture content like white potatoes or red potatoes.”)
– “Plant the potato and cutting out in a garden area with at least 3 inches of good soil covering it, tamp lightly and water it in. Place a jar or a wall-o-water around the planted cutting.”

Please read the complete article and details on the website below to get all the tips and tricks!

More information on gardeningknowhow.com about growing a rose bush out of a potato

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