Almost all sea salt contaminated with plastic

Almost all sea salt contaminated with plastic

“What goes around, comes around, eventually.”

We know we need to cut out plastic. But do we?
Is it still too easy to just ignore the fact plastic is ruining our ecosystem?
And do not use the ‘recycle’ card, we all know how recycling works. (Link to an article about recycling)

Maybe this fact makes you think harder.
Sea salt is likely to contain microparticles of plastic. “The 16 salt brands came from Australia, France, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, and South Africa. Only the one from France wasn’t found to be contaminated with plastic.”

Crazy, right? Well, not so crazy if you think how the world works. What you break, can’t be fixed into its old state.
And now we are breaking the one thing that can return old states, nature!
Maybe we should be a lot smarter and not poison our surroundings, and now our food.

Read the article on the website below to find out the facts they concluded.

Article on Quartz about the plastic in salt

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