Animals in entertainment

Animals in entertainment

We know summer is starting and a lot of people are already looking forward to their vacations.
Some will go for relaxation, others will be looking for adventure.

Around this world, wherever you go, people use animals as entertainment. A lot of people, just see that cute animal they can actually see up close. They can touch them, hug them, swim with them. And growing up, knowing we are so little on this big planet, but now being able to be so close to the majestic beings of nature makes us blind.
It makes us feel special, blessed. Open your eyes, it is just a game played by ourselves.

What if we could really be amongst nature? What if we could see elephants or monkeys in their own habitat, accepting us to observe them?
We want to feel the magic, we want to feel incredible.
If you are looking for that, do not give in to the stories people create but get in touch with true nature.
If you could only take the time, to watch the article and see what really is going on behind the scenes, please do. Not only to realize that we need to set animals free, that it is time we treat them how they treat us: with respect and dignity.
But also to learn from the mistakes of human beings, and stand up for those that are trapped.

Educate others like you educate yourself. Be a hero.

Article on National Geographic about animals suffering in entertainment

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