Bird houses of mushroom material

Bird houses of mushroom material

Ecovative is a company that is “committed to work with industry and consumers to rid the world of toxic, unsustainable materials.”

Last year they supplied “a biodegradable Styrofoam substitute to several Fortune 500 companies”.
Ikea too made plans to use this mushroom-derived packaging, and is one of the several large retailers like Dell and Crate & Barrel with this idea. The goal is to “reduce the waste and toxins resulting from packaging”.

Now they have a new creation, made of the mushroom materials: bird houses.

“Despite the recent “epic” blizzard, the return of robins and other birds offers one of the early, hopeful signs that Winter is ending and Spring is on its way. Thinking about how those returning birds would be in search of a new home for the season and remembering a cartoon a colleague had shared asking “why do we cut down bird houses to build bird houses?” it prompted me to experiment with ways to grow more sustainable homes for the returning chickadees, cardinals, robins and others.”

Check the results on their website below!

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