Cambodia #2 – Not fun but needs to be done

Cambodia #2 – Not fun but needs to be done

When life is unpredictable, it is sometimes scary as well.
For a lot of people, especially children, it is a scary path they walk.

Lying in the nightbus with Koh Kong as my destination, I am thinking about my last days here in Siem Reap. What can I say, what can I write.
I want to thank my partner first, for donating his blood to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap. This hospital, that started with Kenro Izu, has the motto: Treatment, Education and prevention. So his blood will be part of treatment, and not only for eye operations and so on but also for children who stepped on a mine.. This happens less and less but it still happens. It is sad, and it breaks my heart to hear about it. The lady from the hospital that I met told us that all care is free for children, but they also educate the people to prevent. They reach a lot of Cambodia, not just Siem Reap so you can say they make a change.

After this we went to a lot of temples and ruines, including Angkor Wat. I personally felt more for the smaller ones, and the gates were my favourite. It is beautiful.
We met a few people and especially a lot of kids, going crazy saying hello. Their beautiful smiles are pure and you can’t do anything else but have a big smile yourself.

It really makes me sad to think these kids are unsure about their future. To think they would be hurt and abused or heart sinks. And I know a lot of people say “it happens everywhere”, but is that the point where we accept it? Because it happens? It’s a reason to stop it, it’s a reason for a problem that can be solved more easily than some think. Will it always happen somewhere? Yes, ofcourse..that’s the human race. Do we just let them do what they want by looking away? No! Don’t look at some big organisations, if we would all help each other and not shove it on someone else to do it, a lot can be different. No one can change it, but YOU –

12:38. Wondering about the small wonders in this land full of beautiful temples. Would they be asleep, or awake like me? Thinking about what the next day is going to bring.

So maybe the physical damage, maybe the mental damage. What is on their path? Each day is a new day. It is exciting, it’s scary but a sunset is definite. I hope everyday they look at the sunset with their beautiful smile and not being taken into the sunset of their life..

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