Cambodia #3 – Plastic debris everywhere

Cambodia #3 – Plastic debris everywhere

It is horrific to see. Hard to watch. And difficult to see through.

As a part of Eco-u you see a lot about the horrible impacts plastic has and how much pollution is taking over health.
Cambodia shocked us still. People here throw plastic out in nature like it is the most normal thing to do. You hear that people don’t know the effects, but I don’t believe that is completely true. Some remotely living areas probably don’t know the process and the hurt that it brings, they trust on their government. But most of the people do it out of the easiness of dumping the trash they have. Because if you say something about it, they immediately understand it and know what you mean. Piles and piles everywhere.
And everything you get is in plastic. Ofcourse cleanliness plays a role, but right now their health is badly affected by plastic. It is in their fish, vegetables, in their water and by extension in their body.
Everywhere, there is plastic. In the rice fields, the areas animals eat, where the kids play and in the lakes and rivers where they fish. Beautiful landscapes, polluted by plastic.

Wise men and women always teach us to never pollute the world we live in because we pollute ourselves. And sadly with plastic and other polluters, it is harming so much more than just us. We are part of a system. We are a team. If someone is damaged in the team, the whole team is damaged.

And what shocked us even more is the burning of plastic in the middle of the cities and people hanging around it, breathing in all the toxins. Right then you see, education is needed.

Burning plastic mid-day in the city. You can see the lunchbag still there of the people who were right next to it the whole time.

Eco-u wants to make a change by giving the education that is needed to create a healthy living environment and give the rest of the world that bit of extra energy it needs.

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