Costa Rica bans all single-use plastic by 2021

Costa Rica bans all single-use plastic by 2021

We all love the Carribean, but what we don’t love is the result of all the pollution that appears.
One of the polluters is plastic. “Plastic is one of the most dramatic problems that the environment is facing. There is so much plastic trash in the ocean that it is difficult to even comprehend, and we are constantly discovering more.”
Costa Rica takes a stand: it set up a ban of all single-use plastic by 2021.
It may not seem quick, but with all the politics and companies it is actually pretty fast.

“Costa Rica has taken environmental protection seriously. The country plans to be carbon neutral by 2021, in part by ditching fossil fuels. They are also dedicated to restoring their forests and protecting wildlife.”

Article on Inhabitat about Costa Rica aiming to ban all single-use plastic

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