Eco-u visits Egypt

Eco-u visits Egypt

Back from Egypt. A journey of being in the past and in the future.
Difficult, hard, beautiful, interesting and love. Those are the words describing it for us.

It was a trip where we wanted to see what Egypt looks like for tourists and what is out in the open.
We already had some contact before we flew out there, but due to busy schedules it wasn’t possible to meet everyone.

The first two things we noticed when we just arrived, were the amount of animals that are malnourished and mistreated and all of the pollution in the waters like the Nile. Not fun things? No, that is the problem.
That is what we are here for: to see what is happening already and what still needs to change.

The biggest difference that we had this time, is that we did less research so we could see what other people see that visit this country.
Looking at the outside to see what is on the inside.
If you walk around the cities and hotspots of Egypt, you don’t see a lot of promotion for animal/human organisations. Though we see a lot of help needed. Also, if you don’t speak the language you probably won’t stumble upon people that will tell you there are organisations, orphanages or shelters active. Most people will tell you there isn’t much of help/organisations around and they need to do it on their own. Why? Because 1. they do not know about it or 2. because they do not care. So we did some more research and discovered that the internet gives us some more information. There are, in fact, organisations active in Egypt and we visited some of them.

We will have different articles about each subject so we can highlight all the beautiful aspects, but also the ins and outs of all the serious matters of this country.

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