Eco-u, where are you

Eco-u, where are you

Yes, it has been more quiet lately on Eco-u.
And the reason is: Cambodia.

Eco-u is packing up to fly to Cambodia and travel, see and experience.
Cambodia is a country full of beauty and sadly full with pain as well. Trouble in paradise.
We hope to see the best of Cambodia to learn the wisdom, and learn what we can do better as people.
But we want to see the worse as well, to learn where the origins are and where the changes need to be made.
Visiting organisations will be one of the things we need to do, because they are doing all the work right now.

So what to pack, and especially what nót to pack. Doing research to what we can bring for the people, especially the children, to make their lives a little easier for now. Do you have tips or do you know something we really nééd to bring? Let us know!

So now you know!


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