Egypt #3 – Shocking pictures

Egypt #3 – Shocking pictures

Pollution does not need a whole bunch of words. The images say enough.
We are polluting our life. We are polluting our environment we live in and the environment we need to keep on live in.

Even though the people in Egypt aren’t rich in money, they do cook their own food. This means, that almost no ingredient they use comes in plastic or other material.
How can the streets, the waterways/coastline and even the desert be filled with pollution. Full of plastic bags, wrappers, straws, cartons, cans and more.

Because this is how the human race lives. Among the trash they create, breathing the air they pollute and nourish themselves with the toxins they add into the ground.
Negative? No, just realistic. Wake up before it’s too late.

Trash next to a house and crops in a small village.


Everyday life. Pollution causes illness and fills the water with toxins.


The bright are new. The dimmed are old.


 Why, oh why?


 There is so much, it covers all the water. Yes, this is a waterway. No harm, right?


 Centerpiece in our environment. Greed, we need we need. Think.


 It’s not sand, it’s trash. Rising into the sky.


 The coastline of the Red Sea. Plastics like straws kill a lot of animals such as turtles.


  The desert wonders, how many still to come?

Do something, while you can. Less trash, better health. Reduce, you can do it.

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