Empower Generation – Light and strength

Empower Generation – Light and strength

We all hear about it, and we want to see it change: oppression against women.
And what if you can not only change the view on women, but also create a healthier planet to give the youngsters a chance at the same time?

An NGO, called Empower Generation, give women in Nepal a chance to help the world and especially, themselves.
It is not uncommon to see widows never talk to a man again, afraid to be judged or seen as if she wants to seduce him. It is not strange that women are being closed off from society, because they are judged otherwise.
To break this wall Empower Generation create solar businesses with women ánd men to empower themselves and build a business for their own. “As women do not traditionally work in energy, Empower Generation’s work aims to “really move the needle on how women are valued,” and change the rural Nepalese culture of women being considered to be the property of their husband’s families, says Empower Generation co-founder Anya Cherneff.” Here they work together to create a clean world, without the whispers and doubts.
“The trainee entrepreneurs are given lessons on climate change and the adverse effects of fossil fuels, becoming leaders in their community for promoting renewable energy and environmental awareness.”
The solar energy products are not only important to create business for the women, but the light also creates safety for everyone in town.

Light brings clarity and a mind can grow when it is clear from doubt.


Want to read more about the organisation and its work? Read the article below or check their website.

Article on climatechangenews.com about the women in Nepal booming in the clean energy sector

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