France bans breeding in captivity of dolphins and killer whales

France bans breeding in captivity of dolphins and killer whales

What does that mean for Europe?
Will Europe finally make a slow end to the captivity of animals in zoos or aquaria?

We all know that freedom is important. And freedom IS important.
We need to learn that the human race isn’t almighty, and we need to respect other living things.
To put an animal in a cage, after taking it away from their family is traumatic and sad.
The digital age, an age where there are HD movies, holograms and beautiful books and pictures.

There are sanctuaries for these animals, so let’s give them a piece of their lives back.

Well, a small but maybe important step is made in France.
“Environment Minister Segolene Royal had on Wednesday signed a version of the legislation introducing “tight controls on the reproduction of dolphins”, her ministry said in a statement.
The new rules ban the captivity of all whales, dolphins and porpoises, except for orcas and bottlenose dolphins already held in authorised aquariums.”

Article in The Telegraph about the ban on breeding in captivity in France
NL: Artikel op over het verbod in Frankrijk over het fokken van dolfijnen en orka’s in gevangenschap

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