Judge Orders Chimp to be Freed From Zoo

Judge Orders Chimp to be Freed From Zoo

We all still question why animals are still locked up anno 2017.
Education went out of the window years ago by examples as dinosaurs and the totally unnatural look-a-like ‘habitat’ the animals live in.
Want to educate yourself or your kids? Watch the beautiful documentaries about every inch of this planet. Nobody learns about the life of animals, from animals that are stolen away from their family and now locked away..with a ball and a rope.

Luckily for Cecilia things are going to change. “Animal rights advocates have long fought for the freedom of Cecilia the chimp – and now, she may finally be granted access to a better life.
In light of the sordid living conditions, officials from the Great Ape Project and the Association of Officials and Lawyers for the Rights of Animals have collaborated to move Cecilia to an ape sanctuary in Brazil.”

Article on goodnewsnetwork.org about the freedom for Cecilia

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