Lights go out

Lights go out

A blanket that falls over you like an avalanche.
It keeps you warm but freezes you at the same time.
You can’t get out and there is nowhere to go.

Let it go or fight through it?

What if the fight is endless and it leads to despair.
What if the world doesn’t notice you and doesn’t care.
Is this the step that I will take to leave it behind.
Is this the path to a free mind.

It’s not. Life is worth fighting for. One day that fight will win, small steps.

Around the world daily people take the decision to end their lives.
Some leave people behind in tears and pain, others go without leaving a trace.
The decision is theirs, we can not feel how someone else is feeling. Although it’s a choice, sometimes we can change that choice to an outcome where the person can live through these rough times and stand back up. Living their life like they want to and need to.
For us, we accept everyone. There is no shame or judgement. For us, everyone has their own life choices and qualities to get where they need to be. For us, you are an asset in this world.
If you feel unseen, know that we think of you. If you are hurt, know that we would embrace you and protect you. If..
If you can, talk with someone maybe even anonymous. Share your story because there are people who are truly interested in finding a way out from this hole you are in. It is not easy, it is not something you just do or change. But it is worth fighting for.

Look up on the internet if there is an organisation or a help line near you or the one you want to help out.
And if you don’t want an answer but someone to hear you out, we are here.

You can do it –

Music video Linkin Park – One more light

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