Mad world

Mad world

It is hard to hear people give up, but wanting the difference.
Although we are all the same, every human being experiences this world different.
Do we get the same chance? No. Do we have the same hope? Yes.

Some believe it is idealistic to want more balance in this world.
I think it is hope, and hope always made stronger.
Finding a way that makes it possible for all to live a better life, is a path that never ends.
But a path, that is accessible. A path we need to climb, climb to get to the highest point human kind can reach.

Is it without slaughter, without hurt and without the horrible ways the human kind has? No, ofcourse not.
But can the world be better than it is right now? Yes, ofcourse.
Is it possible for every one of us, each in our own way, to make a difference? Yes, no doubt.
So the hope for a better world, that some lost, is not just idealistic; it is also realistic. You can do it, even if it is just a tiny bit.

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