Microplastics found in our poop

Microplastics found in our poop

Plastic is everywhere. In our food, in our water, in the air we breath. But now, it is officially found in our stool.

In a research, where they selected a different variety of people all over the world, they came back with results that are shocking even for the scientists. In 100% of the testsubjects, they found around ten sorts of microplastics in their poop.
And of course, it is not shocking it is in our poop. Like we said, it is in our food as well so it would only be logical it appeared in our stool. But the shocking part is that it confirms the fact that it is taking over our health.

The most bizarre thing for us? That people still use this amount of plastic that we see and hear about every day, and that they are not concerned about their health and the health of their next of kin. We get it seems a bit difficult sometimes to go plastic-free (or mostly), but it secretly is not as hard as you think. In the beginning it is all about solving a puzzle, one you do everyday when you go shopping for groceries. What do we replace with this, how can we make this at home, can I buy this vegetable plastic-free somewhere? But once you walk a few metera, or drive a little further for a toko for example, you see that a lot of things are available. You don’t have the time?

Well, maybe you can take one hour to find these stores and products, so you are set for the rest of your life. And if you don’t feel like it, think of your kids or your friends. Be a hero and save them.

If you find it hard or you need tips, you can always contact us or look up organisations near you that know more about this subject.
Read more about the plastics in our stool on the website below.
Article on the website of Smithsonian about the plastics in our stool.

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