Nepalese girls trafficked daily

Nepalese girls trafficked daily

It is a horrible thought, but reality for many girls in Nepal.
Getting ripped away from your life as a child. Playing, laughing and dreaming about the future.
Now married, hurt and working hard.
This is unacceptable and that is why 3Angels is actively protecting the children and they even have more rights than some police to end corruption in this human-trafficking.

They build schools, homes, and present outreach programs to prevent this terrible activity.

“Imagine a whole village without children.”
“Education is the path to prevention.”

Want to join the fight? Educate people about it, even friends. Help organisations like 3Angels to prevent it on the spot. Donate to support the safe havens for the girls.
If we do this together, we can do it.

We talk about girls here, but Eco-u is surely aware a lot of boys get trafficked and abused as well. We fight for very child.

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