Nestlé steals more than 1 billion litres of water

Nestlé steals more than 1 billion litres of water

Nestlé hasn’t been our best friend these last years.
First they put palmoil in their products, they are known for their monopoly in lands in Africa and now they are extracting water illegaly for years.

When driving through California you see people demonstrating on the side of the road against Nestlé draining a lot of water resources. This is not a new subject to a lot of people, Nestlé has been doing it for years around the world.

On November 27 this year the following was stated: “Aberfoyle, Ontario – Today at approximately 12:15 p.m. ET, international bottled water giant Nestlé is expected to extract the one billionth litre of water from their Aberfoyle well since the Permit to Take Water from that location expired on July 31, 2016.” This means that Nestlé practically just takes clean water and ignore the reason behind permits.
“Droughts, climate change and over-extraction continue to impact our finite groundwater sources,” says Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “We need to move to a bottled water free future to protect aquifers that communities rely on for drinking water.”
Not only to fight all of the above we need to move to a bottled water free future, also to prevent the use of all the plastics that eventually ends up in the ocean or on landfills in countries like India.

In the link below you can find the actual amount of water that Nestlé already illegally took from this well, which is updated real-time.

Article on the amount of water Nestlé extracted on expired permits

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