No Easterbunny, Easter bilby!

No Easterbunny, Easter bilby!

The most of us know the Easterbunny, but in Australia they have a different hide-and-seek-the-eggs buddy: the bilby!
“The greater bilby is the size of a rabbit, and has a long-pointed nose, silky pale blue-grey fur with a tan belly, big ears and a crested black and white tail.”

A while ago, people thought this species was extinct, but luckily they were seen again in western Queensland, Australia. This little creature is on the endangered list, because of the arrival of exotic predators. Cats and foxes are one of the main predators that cause this negative effect on the numbers of Bilby’s nowadays.

So a cute story of a Bilby as a Easter’bunny’ but we can learn again that we have to be careful by making places ‘ours’, because there are more living organisms than humans on this planet.

Happy Easter and don’t forget: watch the origin of your chicken eggs!


Information about the Greater Bilby 

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