Bathing suits, one of the struggles if you want to do good for this world but still want to swim.
Luckily there are brands that made a solution for this struggle.

If you think of enviromental-friendly, you may be used to imagine looks that are old-fashioned or simplistic. Not anymore. These days labels know they have to think of this planets state, and actually enjoy finding all kinds of fashionable solutions to the polluting ways and materials we use now. So style is not a bump in the road anymore to buy ‘good’ products.
We know it is sometimes hard to find these labels that suit you, but this bathing suit label we like.

Patagonia is one of the brands that you can buy worldwide, online and is environmental-friendly. Jackpot!            Image result for patagonia shorts
“Our Mission: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”
They have bath clothing for men, women, children and even sports clothing and accessores for climbing or running.
There are four different interesting points this label makes:

  • “Worn wear: We’re on a mission to change people’s relationship with their stuff. Worn Wear keeps your Patagonia® gear in motion longer—through repair and repurposing—and provides recycling options when repair is no longer viable.
  • Materials and technology: Patagonia travels the globe in search of the best materials for our clothing, accessories and luggage. When the best isn’t good enough to meet the need, we work closely with our suppliers to develop outstanding new fabrics.
  • Reference library: In an effort to build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm, we carefully consider our use of textiles, treatments and processes. Here you’ll find our thoughts and practices on everything from paper use to compostability..
  • Resource use: How we manage our infrastructure is just as important as the way we make our products. Go behind the scenes and learn about our construction techniques, energy use, storm-water runoff, landscaping, water use and employee transportation.”

So want to take a swim or a hike? Check if this brand sells near you or in other online shops like Zalando.
The part about environmental impact of Patagonia

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