Pela Case – For iPhones

Pela Case – For iPhones

Even though we are not a big fan of iPhones, due to the lack of human rights in the factories and the use of materials, we are happy to see Pela Case. This case for iPhones is made of plant-based materials, so no plastic in ‘case’ you buy a new cellphone and you don’t need the old case anymore. “A durable, sustainable, plastic-free case you can compost.”

“I started Pela when my son Cole dug up some plastic on the beach in Hawaii and I started wondering about the impact of plastics on our planet.”, Jeremy Lang said, Founder of Pela.
“Our mission to make sustainable, eco-friendly products the new normal starts with a product that you hold everyday.
Phone cases help to protect your investment (phones are expensive!) but they shouldn’t be just another plastic product made with materials that could carry toxins into your home.”

“We don’t claim to be perfect in our efforts but we are always pushing ourselves to believe in better, to be better and to do better every single day.”

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