People do matter

People do matter

There is chaos all over this world.

In the Javari Valley, Brazil, the indigenous are being killed for gold.
Yes, like in the stories of Pocahontas: gold. And this happens over and over again.
Not just Brazil this time, in Africa people are mistreated daily in the gold and diamond mines.
What for? Is this the price of a piece of gold?

Between Bangladesh and Myanmar people are trying to find their place. Women, children, men.
They want a home, one that they feel safe in. One that can protect them.
For generations they are denied their rights, for generations this hasn’t changed.
Now they are fighting for their live, facing rivers to swim, cover to take and saying goodbye to their family and friends who don’t survive.

Every day there are children digging up stones for our graves, kitchen counters and floors. No protection, no rights.
One step. One step. A future? There may not be one for those.

We buy the clothes we do not need in shops that have the darkest clouds above them.
Women, with their babies on the floors, standing in toxins to colour our jeans. People who live around it are poisoned by the chemicals in the water and land. And, it is everywhere.
Animals die and it all fades away. Not slowly, it goes pretty fast actually.

I can go on for pages on this. I can go on, isn’t that sad?
That next to these people, a lot more are almost punished daily to be alive.
And what is our image of them? A golden wedding band? Someone who just has it worse? An H&M t-shirt?

Do they matter?

There are so many people, that is true. But does that mean that people, with the biggest heart of ‘gold’, do not matter anymore?
Does it mean we have to live a lifestyle where others are suffering? Can’t we do it a little better?

Please tell me, they do matter to you.

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