Petition to drop the abusive dairy suppliers in America

Petition to drop the abusive dairy suppliers in America

We don’t need any more animal cruelty, and especially not for our products.

In America, one of the biggest suppliers is caught to mistreat cows.
This happens all over the world these days, and more and more stories come out.
Recently, in Europe, there was a pig farm in Belgium that was in the news for it’s animal cruelty.

We at Eco-u believe, that if you want your meat, know where it’s from. Go to a local farmer, where you can ask your questions and get healthy meat. Still doubting it? If the slaughtering may be cruel as well? Eat eggs (from healthy chickens, local or with number 0 on it) and other meat-replacements until you find a good enough farmer that treats his animals like living creatures that have intelligence and emotions.

Petition to tell dairy farmers of America to drop the abusive suppliers

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  • any company that gets caught abusing animals should lose their license. there needs to be muh tighther control on animal cruelty. why is it ok to hurt animals and not humans. put these people in prison. the current laws are not enough.

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