There are a lot of people who are doing amazing things, but if they are your parents it does feel a bit special.

My father, an amazing artist, and my dear mother, who read every thrilling book in the library (no, not a joke) created a comic about the neighborhood mascots: Dondertje, or Little Thunder, and his friends.
With the great visuals my dad makes and the stories my mom comes up with each time, they weekly entertain but at the same time teach the children and people around about all sorts of things. If it is a social matter, a new event happening or about animals, it is all in there.

Now they put all the stories of that year in one comic-book and sold this for a few bucks. All of this money was given today at the children’s animal farm nearby. This children’s animal farm is run by two lovely people who spend all their money and time into these animals. Although everybody likes these places, not everybody always cares for it. People throw plastic and other garbage over the fences of the animals, and new animals are dropped there all the time when people don’t ‘want’ them anymore forgetting it is a living creature, not an object you can just buy and dump whenever you like.
So this money was very much needed, and now the new inhabitants can have a better living space and the owners have extra money for food and the vet.

If you feel good after reading this story and you want to do something constructive as well, look around in the neighborhood!
There are always animals and people who might need your help, even though they aren’t screaming out for it.
Ask people and look for animals or plants in need. Everybody has their own qualities and everybody can make the world a better place.

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