Realize what you throw out

Realize what you throw out

One pack of cigarettes doesn’t seem to be a lot of trash, but how much cigarettes do you smoke in a year? And not only the package of the cigarette is a waste that ends up somewhere on this planet. A lot of people just throw their cigarette butt out of the window of the car. Many do it, thinking it is just a small piece.

Realize that is not just a small ‘piece’, it is polluting in many ways. Because it is so small, animals like birds eat it and die.
Because it is so small, it gets easily washed away by the rain and ends up in rivers or fields. Because it is so small, it doesn’t get cleaned up and ‘disappears’ into nature. This small piece of cigarette does damage and more people should think harder before throwing it out.

Photograph: Antoine Repessé

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