Rob Greenfield & How to be a change

Rob Greenfield & How to be a change

Yesterday I was in Gent, Belgium, for an eco-event organized by two brothers: Quinten and Lennert Prinsen.
The room was packed and there was a lot of interesting information about ‘how to be a change in a messed up world’.
Only the plastic cups and plastic wrappings were a little too bad but thát they learned from the evening!

Another VEP (very ecological person) was there: Rob Greenfield, an adventurer, activist, humanitarian.
A man who welcomes you with a big smile and a kind heart and does a lot to show people how to be more conscious about your everyday-lifestyle and how it effects the future of all the beautiful things on this planet.

Even though people ‘recycle’, it is indeed more about the reduce and reuse and if there is no other option: recycle.
Because the recycling process isn’t that perfect as some think, and a lot of garbage still ends up on landfills, in the ocean or countries like India.
Ja Nederland, ook hier wordt maar 50% van het plastic gerecycled! 

A beautiful sentence was brought into the evening by Rob Greenfield: It is all about perspective, if you change your perspective you can máke a change.
If you want to learn more and read the tips&tricks go to his website or read his book ‘Dude making a difference’.
His adventures from being a young man who became conscious about his surroundings while drinking a beer with some friends, to becoming a healthy and happy man that wants to see a future for all of the great aspects of life, it’s all out there.

And while walking in the charming town of Gent, I walked across a great saying on a wall near a small park, that I want to end this story with.

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