Sign for an Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Sign for an Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Most of us love animals, and the ones that aren’t fond of them know what’s right from wrong.
Either way, we all know things have to change for these poor creatures suffering every day.

All around the world there are problems of abuse, problems of abandonment or pets hiding in their small cage waiting for their daily glance they get. We want to be free and have rights, so do they.

“Animal suffering is an urgent worldwide problem. Whether it’s the millions of animals forgotten after natural disasters or the 1 billion stray cats and dogs at risk of being needlessly culled, animals need our help.
We are calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) to be backed by the United Nations.”

See what it is about and sign if you are behind this cause.

Petition of World Animal Protection to create an Universal Declaration on animal welfare

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