Straws, you shall not pass

Straws, you shall not pass

We talked about plastic a lot, all the horrible consequences and the amount of plastics used daily, weekly and yearly.

Different cities and places in the world are getting plastic straw-free, what is very good and we hope this will keep going.
The United Kingdom joins the club to keep us healthy and ..alive actually!

“Aberporth in Wales has launched a campaign against plastic that includes the general store selling milk in glass bottles and the pub has switched to paper straws.
Similarly, Ullapool in Scotland, has become the first Scottish village to officially scrap plastic straws. Sustainably minded school children from Ullapool Primary School and Glasgow’s Sunnyside Primary launched a campaign late last year which resulted in all shops, bars and restaurants in the village ditching plastic for paper straws or getting rid of them all together.”

And the most important of all:
“This may be a small step towards reducing the amount of plastic in our seas, but if the #NaeStrawAtAw campaign can be successful in Ullapool it can work anywhere. All it takes is for people to be aware there are alternatives to plastic straws, and say no if they are offered one in a pub or a restaurant.”


“The St Alban’s Refuse the Straw campaign was set up by Emma Tyers around six months ago.
She has got 27 restaurants, bars and cafes in the busy commuter town to ditch plastic straws or swap to eco-friendly alternatives and the number is growing.”
London, Chester and Cornwall. Cities, communities and people are rising.

The five reasons Pebblemag gives to stop plastic straws?

  • Plastic straws are an environmental menace, they take 200 years to break down.
  • They can’t be recycled.
  • Globally the world goes through 1 billion straws a day.
  • Scientists reckon 1 million seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die when they entangle themselves in, or ingest plastic pollution.
  • McDonalds serves a drink to 3.5 million people a day in the UK. That’s 3.5 million straws a day from McDonalds alone.

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