The Great Barrier Reef is officially terminal

The Great Barrier Reef is officially terminal

Very bad eco-news..

“The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is recognized as the biggest living structure on Earth. Unfortunately, it’s dying—with many portions facing no hope for recovery—thanks to back to back mass bleaching events.

Why care about reefs? In a word—biodiversity. The reef is home to 3,000 varieties of mollusks, over a hundred types of jellyfish, 1,625 species of fish, hundreds of shark and ray species, and over 30 kinds of whales and dolphins. These sea creatures call the soft and hard corals that make up the reef “home.” And without it, many of them will die.

If that’s not enough, it has the distinction of being the largest living structure on the planet.”

Article in announcing that the Great Barrier Reef is terminal

Last year there was news about a big bleaching that hit the reef hard.
“About two-thirds of the shallow-water coral on the reef’s previously pristine, 430-mile northern stretch is dead, the scientists said. Only a cyclone that reduced water temperatures by up to three degrees Celsius in the south saved the lower reaches of the 1,400-mile reef from damage, they added.”

Article in the NewYorkTimes about the coral getting hit by events like bleaching

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