Travelling plastic-free

Travelling plastic-free

Many people think that it is unavoidable to use plastic when you are on holiday.
Especially when people travel to Asia or South America, people are convinced there is no other way.

Of course there is!

Here are a few tips Take 3 gives us to travel as plastic-free as possible:

  • Reusable drink bottle or cup.
  • Bring your own utensils along.
  • Create your own toiletries with coconut oil (which is actually pretty solid) and maybe bakingsoda.
  • Check the in-flight service and let them know what you want or think.
  • Be assertive! This doesn’t mean being angry because they offer you those stupid plastic cups, it means telling them why you won’t use them and that it would be very good to replace them.

Check the link below to see more!
We want a great holiday with a beautiful surrounding. Hike through mountains and enjoy the beauty of nature. Let’s keep it that way than!

Guide on Take 3 how to travel plastic-free

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