Treat the wonders of nature well

Treat the wonders of nature well

The magic of nature. The wonders of this planet.

Ever heard of horseshoe crabs? “Horseshoe crab blood is an invaluable medical tool. We use it to detect levels of dangerous bacteria like E. Coli in everything from insulin to IV’s in hospitals and medical implants.
Biomedical companies pull these crabs out of the water in droves, transport them to a lab, bleed them and then toss them back in the water.”

These crabs are called ‘living fossils’ because of their origin 450 million years ago! And, again, we treat them like objects for our health. It is wonderful they can help us, but we need to have the respect and humanity to treat them with care and dignity.
They aren’t ours to take, ours to claim or ours to use. They are living creatures like you and you wouldn’t want to be treated like that.

Sign the petition if you agree this needs to be different!

Petition to sign for an ethical and humane treatment for the horseshoe crabs

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