Twenty-one brands that are sustainable&fair

Twenty-one brands that are sustainable&fair

Summer is here and new clothes are wanted. Sweaters locked up in the closet and tshirts are welcomed again.

But now we know how it works with most brands, the hard labor, abuse and all the pollution the clothing industry creates, it is difficult to just shop away. It poisons our fish, slavery is still running and people keep on consuming.

So really looking for something new? Second-hand or vintage stores don’t have what you want?
Check the list in the link below and pick and choose.

Noah – Organic Threads – Nudie Jeans – Patagonia – Outerknown – Nau – Haeckels – Olderbrother – Veja – Finisterre – Nisolo – Bleed – Organic Basics – Satta – Knowledge Cotton Apparel – Armedangels – EDUN – Filippa K – Jungmaven – Dick Moby – ApolisĀ 

Article on Highsnobiety with a list of 21 sustainable and ethical brands

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