Without bees the world would be different

Without bees the world would be different

Our little helpers, bees.
Some can not live with them, but we all can not live without them.

There are too many of us, and too few of them. And with all the pesticides, that are used for practically √°nything growing, the destruction of natural habitat and the climate change, bees are in danger.
So what can we do to let them know we care:

“- Support local and organic farmers
– Plant bee-friendly flowers & shrubs (check if you can order free seeds in your country)
– Buy only local honey
– Adopt a hive
– Set up a ‘Bee Refreshment Station’
– Learn more about these captivating creatures
– Lobby on behalf of bees
– Tell a friend”

Check the website of Natural Living Ideas to learn more about the things you can do.
And no, Eco-u is not a big fan of beekeeping when it is done like it is sometimes done with honeybees. Those important creatures deserve more than to be bought as a product to produce honey. Ofcourse there are some who keep bees in a respectfully and useful way so do your research before you buy!

So what is so special about bees and why are they so important to us?
Well, let’s start with a picture of a with and without bees.

Shocking right? Well, it is just a picture. But the fact is, without bees the world would be a totally different place.
“Apart from giving us an opportunity to consume a quality product, bees are among the major pollinators of about half of the plant species on the planet. A world without bees is literally a world without fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. And the lack of honey would be the least of humanity’s problems.
We have all heard the quote of the famous scientist Albert Einstein, which states that if bees disappeared from the Earth, humanity would last no more than 4 years. One third of the food that humans consume is pollinated by insects, 80% of which are bees. If bees went extinct, there would be no yields, no harvest, and the production will be of very poor quality.”

So yes! We need bees and yes! We want to help them.

Article on naturallivingideas.com about why we need bees and things we can do to help
Information on Honeypedia about the importance of bees


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